Personalized 1:1 Training

Specialized programs designed specifically for you to reach your goals in the most effective way possible

Testimonials from clients with programs designed specifically to help reach their personal goals (3+)

“My experience with Eliseo I can’t stress enough how proud I feel to have a chance to contribute and thank the only and sole source of my success and motivation in life. If you are in company of Eliseo you are looking a positive change in your life your mentality your whole course and action towards good karma to others and lastly the genuine gentleman characteristics. Without doubt the most amazing and overwhelming experience of success and right attitude towards life. I was lucky to have known you my friend and I was even more blessed to be chosen by you for this journey of self motivation, aesthetic appeal, sharper charisma towards my life and myself and lastly, a genuine friend and wing man for whatever is ahead for you in life…Eliseo my brother my friend I owe you my lifetime of beautiful lessons learned”

-Deepak Porey

“Eliseo made fitness simple and easy with my busy schedule. He made it easier to hold myself accountable. I put all my trust in him to help me reach my fitness goals and he has never let me down!” -Jorge

“I couldn’t thank Eliseo enough for not only believing in my abilities and motivating me, but for all the knowledge I’ve gained from him being my trainer! He is full of knowledge, extremely supportive, hard working and driven. Best trainer I’ve ever had!” -Jamie Ross

Why is 1:1 Personal Training so

Specialized Program Design

The programs designed in one on one training are specifically designed for your personal needs and goals. Every single person has different needs and goals as well as difficulties. Knowing this, a program designed just for you and your body will be the most effective way to get results.


Creating the habit of a healthy lifestyle can be the hardest part. One on one training keeps constant communication and accountability with you and Eliseo. That extra push can make a world of a difference with becoming consistent with your nutrition and fitness to meet your goals.

Science Simplified

Most people gain some results from a program they once tried but then lose the results just as quick from not understanding how to keep them. During one on one training you’re not just being told what to do, you’re actually being taught a new skill in the most simplest way possible. It’s difficult to learn a new subject from a short program but when consistently working with Eliseo you will learn the tools necessary to stay healthy and fit forever.


Understanding that fitness can be difficult or maybe even boring for some. Having Eliseo in your corner whose passion for training others extend as long as 7+ years. You will never feel like a statistic to him. Eliseo has built strong lifelong relationships with every one of his clients. He considers personal training just as much of a learning experience for himself as well as the client. It’s a relationship built on mutual growth


Guaranteed Results

Not many trainers can guarantee results and this is a problem! Eliseo stands confidently behind his methods and his effort to help you achieve your results. He’s worked with clients who have had some serious stubborn fat to lose, people with incredible discipline yet still couldn’t burn the fat. These scenarios take constant in depth observation to truly discover what is preventing the client from reaching results. Eliseo has gone the extra mile time after time to assure his client will obtain their goals and he is more than prepared to do it again for you.


How does Specific Program design Guarantee fat loss and muscle growth?

Weekly Breakdown

Specific breakdown of each exercise, amount of reps, sets, and tempo.

HIIT Training

HIIT workouts designed just for you to speed up your fat loss and muscle gain.

Resistance Training Techniques

Learn all the industry secrets to increase muscle growth by 200% using advanced techniques!

Muscle Confusion

Different workouts to continuously shock the muscle for consistent results.

Injury Prevention

Safe movements and warm up techniques for injury prevention.

Intermittent Fasting and Nutrient Dense Meal Plan

Burn fat and gain muscle with flexible eating habits and no counting calories.

What Does Eliseo Specialize in and why?!

With a true understand for a constant need of more energy and quick results in a society filled with busy people. Eliseo Spent time specializing in kettlebell full body high intensity workouts. Kettlebells are a simple tool that requires double the amount of energy and muscle utilization to execute an exercise with. This leads to more calories burnt and and faster muscle growth in half the time! High intensity full body workouts stimulates hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine which is considered “feel good hormones”. These hormones will boost alertness, reduce fatigue, and increase your metabolism to once again burn fat faster!

Why you should invest
in 1:1 training

Rumors tend to spread about how expensive one on one training is. This is an absolute myth! People will sell you on the idea of not investing in a trainer and doing it on your own. When in reality this tends to result in several years of money and time spent on online programs, supplements, gym memberships, and sometimes random equipment that seem to never get us the results we want. One on one training can be tailored to your exact needs and budget, whether that means training once a week or five times a week. Time is our most valuable asset, personal training is the quickest way to truly understand the process of obtaining and keeping results which will ultimately save you from spending money or time on the thousands of other products giving false hopes in the fitness industry.

About Eliseo Javier,

CPT, Kettlebell level 3. Instructor

Hey its Eliseo here, I’ve been passionate for fitness for as long as I’ve been alive. Literally! Just a random funny fact to prove it, my first client ever was actually my mother who I helped burn fat and build muscle after her pregnancies with my younger siblings. This aided my passion and led me become a certified trainer by a nationally recognized organization. 

I then pursued a career in training at a general fitness health club and worked my way up the ranks rapidly! I was promoted within a month from a trainer to an Athletic Director who hired and developed a team of great trainers. This ultimately led me to starting my own training company that specializes in Entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes since my life was easily relatable. I understand the need for someone in those fields to have a versatile trainer. Someone who can help people meet their goals whenever, wherever, and however. 

So I spent my time developing my coaching skills to make sure I was prepared to be that guy. I now have 7+ years of training experience and have help hundreds of clients meet their goals, sometimes dealing with the toughest scenarios. From people with stubborn fat, joint injuries, and even people who went through surgery and had staples in their stomach preventing them from using their core! We still managed to get the job done together. My passion to serve others is bar none. 

I love what I do and because of training I have had the privilege to meet and learn from so many beautiful personalities that have shaped me into the man/coach I am today!

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